Olympic medal Tally

Olympic medal tally

Stay up-to-date and record all the Aussie place-getters on our printable TEAM AUSTRALIA medal tally worksheet.

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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig activity sheets

To celebrate the Peppa Pig special episode?Around the World with Peppa?which aired recently on ABC KIDS (ABC2) we have four fun preschool activity sheets to print - ready to have on hand for quiet play time.?

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Funny Fruit

Fruit jokes for kids

Silly fun jokes for kids that you can sink your teeth into - all clean, all playground friendly jokes for kids.

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Just for laughs

School jokes for kids

Kids over the same old jokes? Or your 6 grader need some school time funnies for the end of school concert?

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School Holidays


Art and Craft


Colouring-in Sheets

Colouring printable

Mindfulness sailing ship colouring page

Kids need something to wind them down these school holidays? Print out this intricate sailing ship design mindfulness colouring in printable, grab the colouring pencils, and enjoy the peace.

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