The 12-year-old tattoo whiz kid who has inked his mum and his maths teacher

Meet the 12-year-old tattoo artist

The young tattoo apprentice fell in love with inking after Ezrah Dormon's mum let him finish off a flower on her arm.

While his pre-teen peers start pushing boundaries and seeking more freedom, Ezrah Dormon is mastering a skill usually reserved for adults. The 12-year-old Panama City boy?is tattooing people for real; and he's even inked his mum and his maths teacher.

He currently apprentices for the Honolulu tattoo parlour and people are lining up to get inked with his designs. You might?be wondering how on earth someone who isn't old enough to get a tattoo ends up tattooing others.

It all began when Ezrah, already a competent artist, attended a tattoo party with his mother Wynter Rosen and watched her get a tattoo. The youngster showed such?a keen interest in the process that, with his mum's blessing, shop owner?Ali Garcia allowed him to fill in part of the tattoo.

Ezrah puts his skills to the test.
Ezrah puts his skills to the test.  Photo: Instagram/eztheshark

Now Ezrah, who goes by Eztheshark on Instagram thanks to his particular love of sharks, is on a roll and gaining worldwide attention for his considerable talents. He practises on citrus fruits, draws up his own designs and has just completed his first full tattoo, after contributing to many under close supervision from his mentors Ali and?Margarita Marzon.?

Here he is in action.


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He has even tattooed his own maths teacher.

Best of all, he just loves his family and recognises his mum is one in a million who would allow him to pursue such an interest at such an early age.

His mum told Fatherly that Ezrah is an "old soul"?who immerses himself in what he sets his mind to. Since he was 2-years-old he has practiced the martial art?Hapkido and has nearly achieved his black belt. He is also an accomplished actor, drum and piano player.

Looks like the sky is the limit for this multi-skilled pre-teen.